Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tough Decisions

Hello everyone....we are not dead, just lost in articulos indefinido and gerundios irregulares. Contrary to how it feels at times, we are learning Spanish!  We attended a church new to us last Sunday and had a great time of fellowship.  We had been spending Sundays at home listening to sermons online for a few weeks, after feeling overwhelmed by hearing messages at churches with no idea what was being said.  I'm happy to report that I actually had an idea what the pastor was saying!  

We've had to make a tough decision lately and have been seeking God's leading....mainly with staying another trimester at language school. The program we're in is not a fast-track survivol Spanish program. It is an immersion program designed to teach you to communicate in Spanish at an every day level.  It's been difficult, with our strong desire being to get to Nicaragua as soon as possible to begin helping out with ministry there, yet realizing that by the end of April we won't be able to communicate at the level we desire for ministry, and feeling that God is leading us to stay here in Costa Rica for another four months.  Of the 160 students at ILE, I don't know of any who are leaving after one trimester, and most are staying for a full year.  We've sought advice from others who have been through it and our team leaders in Nicaragua and we've received the same responce.....stay in school!  Please pray with us as we go through the process of signing up and making the financial commitment for another trimester that God continues to lead us in clear ways.  
Isaiah 55:8 came to my mind early this morning...."for My thoughts are not your thoughts, and neither are your ways my ways."  It's comforting to rest in that, knowing that He has a plan and rushing ahead of it is never profitable (this I know by experience).

Many of you heard about out team leaders in Nicaragua, Eric and Marilyn Loftsgard, and the tragedy over Christmas that ended with their guard being shot and killed by armed robbers. As an update, God moved and people responded with love. They were able to set up an account with the financial gifts to allow their guard's widow and six children to continue to draw his salary for a number of years. 
Hard financial times in the US means hard financial times all over the world, and we see that here in Costa Rica. Many people losing jobs, rising food prices, and tourism industry struggles have all contributed to hungry mouths and rising crime rates.  We do what we can to feed the hungry people that show up at our door and continue to realize the importance of communicating in their language.  We are still in traing mode as we focus on culture and Spanish language acquisition, but please pray for us as the more we learn of this language and culture the more we look for ways to minister here in Costa Rica.

Our family is doing great in spite of the sick bugs that float through school.  I'm currently home with Cohen and his fever/shakes. I think it's just our immune systems adjusting to a foreign place, but we've averaged about a sickness a week since we've been here.  Titus celebrated his first birthday on the tenth(we missed you Brooke, Ryan, Lindsay, Skylar, Addie and Maddie Kate) with friends and chocolate cake! Because of our internet speed, uploading pics to phanfare is easier than this blog, so you can view all our pictures here

We love you all and continue to pray for you.....we miss everyone back home in California!
Thanks for your continued prayers and support,
Dave for Kate, Cohen and Titus


Laura said...

Just want you to know that we think about you often and love the updates!! Praying that God will continue to reveal His plan to you! We send love from the great state of Ohio!!!

Eric said...

Praying for you guys as you make decisions that God will make His will clear.