Sunday, February 1, 2009

At MTI they helped prepare us for living with the “I love this place, I hate this place” paradox. I now know exactly what they were talking about and why we spent so much time on this topic!

I hate our bed, oh how I hate our bed. Not only do you wake up feeling like you have been hit by a truck, the footboard is about a foot and a half away from the wall and the bruises on my legs are proof of just how sharp the corners are.

I hate the garbage and the dog poop everywhere in the street.

I hate how gross water bubbles up in my kitchen sink when you run the washing machine.

I hate my dryer….It either doesn’t dry or melts the buttons off my clothes…..literally.

I hate the sausage at la feria…it’s really nasty.

I hate how dirty our feet are at the end of the day, after walking everywhere in flipflops.

I hate how expensive cheese and chocolate chips are….a couple of my favorite things.

I hate the feeling I get when Cohen asks when he can go to Grandma's, but love the feeling I get when I hear him sing a song in spanish, and how he kind of has a crush on his teacher Pamela.

I love the experience of taking the public bus system in a third world country, but I’m ok if I never have to take it again.

I hate how I feel carsick in the back seat of a taxi.

I love when Cohen finds touch me nots- the leaves close when you touch them.

I love when someone rattles off to me in Spanish before they realize I don’t understand, and I can’t wait to have a conversation with them.

I love when we pass guys on the street and they recognize my husband from playing basketball with them at the park.

I love how Titus doesn’t have a clue he’s living anywhere different from where he always has, and how excited he gets when I pick him up from school everyday.

I love how I don’t notice the garbage as much anymore.

I love how everyone talks to my kids and all the girls want to hold Tito.

I love my teacher Francisco’s sense of humor, and how he really cares about us.

I love seeing Dave and the boys hanging out in the hammock eating peanuts.

I love the orange-carrot juice from Fresas.

I love being in the center of God’s will…….


God bless and enjoy the paradox that is life!



Arlene said...

....I cried....then I prayed for you.

Allison said...

Beautiful post, my friend! And it encouraged me today. I needed it.

Daniel and Sarah Barrett said...

I hate leaving all my friends, but I love making new ones like you guys. Dave, thanks for listening to my rambling last night.

Kristen said...

Thanks for this glimpse into your world and your feelings. Your honesty is refreshing. Love you.

Renee said...

Beautifully written! Love you.

karen said...

katie -
real is what you are. and i love that about you. thanks for this update. hugs to each of you.

Anonymous said...

great post. I'm going to steal the idea when we are in Slovenia for a couple months!