Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hola! We have survived day 2 of Spanish class! I think Dave is in the 3% of people who will love language learning and thrive on it, me…well love is not the word I would use. While I have enjoyed classes so far I’m pretty sure I’ll be surviving not thriving. Our teachers for the most part will not speak English to us, so you just hope they are kind enough to help you out with hand gestures. Actually, the teachers here are amazing and they know what they are doing. They also take the jobs at our school as a ministry of their own as they could get better paying jobs elsewhere. They are there to minister to us as missionaries, and you can tell it in the way they teach, they have a heart for us to learn.

We visited a local church on Sunday and as always were blessed. Although the several hour service can get a little lengthy when you don’t understand a word of it, I was brought to tears when we sang a familiar praise song. Voices lifted in praise to God transcends language. Walls come down and you sing with one voice. It’s always an incredible experience to see people in other cultures praising God….our God is the God of the whole earth and all people!


One of the highlights for our family lately has been the hammock recently hung in the back yard. The boys LOVE it and much fun has already been had. We are learning to really enjoy the little things in life: hammocks, Sat. morning farmers market, walks to school and the occasional cheese sprinkled on our dinner (cheese is expensive). I’m also learning all sorts of new and interesting color combinations. Who knew salmon and teal went together?!?! The colors here are just an expression of the bright and fun-loving personalities of the people here in Costa Rica.

Well, homework is next on my list. Please pray that God uses us to make much of Him for the time he has us here, and for the gift of Spanish! :) God bless you all and thank you!

Kate for Dave, Cohen and Titus


Aunt Nell said...

awesome foto. Brasilians use hammocks too...only they have spots in there houses n bedrooms to hang them!! I prefer the bed so far ;)~
What an awesome feeling to praise God in another country and language. ;) I experienced that in Mexico and Brasil as well. I always feel like its a little taste of heaven...all languages and people and cultures coming together praising ONE God.
Sounds like you guys are doing well. PTL. :) Keep putting faith and trust in him! Best of luck with the language..its hard, but with persistance and practice it will pay off!!

Deus abençoe- God bless

><> Shanelle

Allison said...

You mean you didn't learn all kinds of Spanish in Mr. Slack's class???? : )