Monday, January 19, 2009

A few days ago Cohen and I walked down to the Mini super to get some milk and eggs. As we walked to the register to pay, I heard a very gringo voice proclaiming, "NO, I don't want these! I want one of these!"
As I got to the register I saw the owner of the voice.....not just a gringo, but most definitely a turista. He was wearing a cut off tee shirt, Gilligan's Island hat, shorts(not culturally appropriate for men in Costa Rica) and just oozed tourist. I quickly saw that he had been given two 500 colone coins as change, but he wanted a 1000 colone bill. He pulled out a 1000 colone bill from his pocket and kept demanding she take the 500 colone coins back and give him a 1000 colone bill. She kept saying, "No tengo, No tengo." 
Finally he looked at me and said, "Geez, what is she saying, 'no tengo no tengo'?"
I said, "dude, she's saying she doesn't have it."

He said, "Oh." Then he grabbed his purchases and stomped out without so much as a "Muchas Gracias."
The lady behind the counter looked at me and shook her head, "No tengo."
I shook my head and said, "No tengo."
We both smiled and I couldn't help but feeling some kind of a victory. 
I might only have two weeks under my belt, I might still be a gringo and I'll probably always be a gringo, but at least on that day to the woman behind the counter, I wasn't that dreaded Gringo Turista! :)

I promise a big picture post is coming. Our internet speed discourages picture posts but I will get it done!

Dave for Kate, Cohen and Titus


Eric said...

I'm guessing the Gilligan's hat wasn't working for him....great story.

Lynch Family said...

Glad to see there is progress with your schooling! btw-Ryan was watching pbs in spanish and I told him to change it and he said "no Cohen is doing that. I want to too." I said "spanish?" He said "yes". So maybe I can send him down in the future and he won't be such a gringo himself...:)

Aunt Nell said...

khahhhahahaha. Thats awesome. You rock. Don't you feel soo mad at people like that? I am sure that lady behind the counter greatly appreciated you. :) Muy bien!

Indigo Dreams said...

LOL! I thought this was going to be a story about a child throwing a tantrum. It looks like my guess was pretty close. :)

It's been great to read your stories and see how God is working in your lives. We continue to keep you all in our prayers!