Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Week Two

Well, it's already Tuesday of week 2 and it feels like we've absorbed so much heavy information and are pretty emotionally drained. The teaching here is intense as they try to fit a huge load of information into three weeks. At this point I haven't even processed and unpacked it all to even give much of an overview. We've learned value awareness, figuring out our own core values and how they might be challenged in the field; how we manage stress now and the predictable ramping up of stress in the future; Our own personality types and how we relate to God, our spouses, family, community; how we handle adversity and conflict; cultural differences and adjustments we will have to make; etc etc etc.

I think the best part has been the self reflection, realizing that going to the field with a false sense of who you are could be devastating to yourselves and the people you're ministering to. Our identity and ministry has to be rooted in Christ, not in our home country's style, etiquette, or even ethics.

On our family's health side it's been a bit of a bumpy ride. Last weekend found us resting up, trying to get us all better. After two doctor visits, one ear infection each for Cohen and Titus with accompanying coughs, liberal amounts of snot, antibiotics and lot's of prayer, we all woke up this morning feeling great and able to attend all our classes. Cohen loves school minus the naptime. His schoolwork actually mirrors ours in an age appropriate way, so that's pretty cool. Titus's teacher probably has the biggest challenge. He's more of an adventurer than a cuddler, and it's not a huge nursery.

This place is beautiful, with some great trails outdoors for getting away on a walk and reflecting on God's creation. Here's a few pics:

Thanks for all the support and prayers!
Love in Christ,
Dave and Kate, Cohen and Titus


Terry said...

Greetings Family,
God is getting you ready we know and the update is encouraging to see the boys are doing good. See you soon in Ca.

Lynch Family said...

Good to hear how your week is going! I have been praying for the boys to get better - I am so glad you all are! I am exhausted after reading about your training :) Can't wait to hear about it when you get home!

Kristyn said...

Hey Boone Family!
My Dad just got off the phon with your Mom who told us about your blog. Glad we found you on here. It will be nice to see what you're up to. I have a myspace (myspace.com/kristynrdh) and a facebook if you have either of those. Great to see pics of where you are, it looks beautiful. We may see you next weekend, we havn't decided for sure if we're going or not. But either way, the boys will be there. Love Kristy, Aaron, Preston & Carson

Trisha said...

Hey Guys!
This is Trisha and Hondo. So excited to follow your precious adventure. It was REALLY great to get to know you and spend three weeks with you. Hope you're enjoying some "down" time and some time to process all that we've learned... take care!